Happy New Year

Chad hosted a highly entertaining party at his house in Alameda for New Year’s Eve. Of course, my ex-husband couldn’t just have a normal New Year’s Eve party. He had to have a theme. He chose the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie TOP HAT. And, he wore a tuxedo with a great top hat and danced around the house the entire evening in true Fred Astaire style!

My mother visited from southern California, and found a Ginger Rogers-like gown somewhere in her wardrobe. Several other guests also tracked down similar gowns and some of their partners even rented tuxes.

It took us a while to guess who Cynthia, my next door neighbor, represented. She had a red long, curly-haired wig and claimed to be a young Lucille Ball who played a flower vendor in the movie. We all verified this because Chad played the movie during the evening.

Inspector Sherwood arrived dressed in a 1930s suit worn by inspectors of that era. He didn’t claim to know the movie, but we were all amused at his attempt to get into the spirit.

Chad also hired a local big band, and managed to provide a small dance floor in his living room, cleared of furniture.

And, yes, I also wore a Ginger Rogers gown and high heels (not my usual!) and even curled my hair to resemble Ginger. And as we danced a waltz — at Chad’s insistence — I concurred with those who pointed out that although Fred Astaire was a great dancer, Ginger Rogers followed him backwards and in high heels. Gasp!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FANS! May you encounter good health, many friends, happy family, fun, and financial stability (or at least reduced debt!).

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